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Marshmellow Rabbit
Stand Up Easter Bunny
Easter Village
Bunny Marionette
DLTK's Printable Easter Crafts
11 crafts to choose from
Backpack Eggs
Cute and easy craft
Bean Bag Chick
Use these patterns and some felt for a cute No-Sew project

Easy Easter Basket
Print instructions, Basket pattern and Eggs (next two links) for a great and easy craft.
Basket Pattern
print for use with Easy Easter Basket
Eggs for Easter Basket
************************************************************** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Easter Bonnet
Made entirely from paper! Print instructions and flower and leaves patterns (below) on colored paper.
Flower Basket
Also made with only paper. Use the same flower and leaves patterns (next)
Print 2 each on yellow, purple, and pink.
Print 2 on green. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Making Friends Paper Dolls
Paperdolls for every occasion (click on Select a Theme).

Coloring Pages, Puzzles, Word Search, Stationary, Cards, etc.

Coloring Pages, Cards to Color, Mazes
Mazes, Coloring Pages, Pin the Tail on the Bunny Game
Easter Basket to color
Easter Coloring Pages
3 to choose from
Connect the Dots
Coloring Book - page 1
Coloring - page 2
Coloring - page 3
Mini Posters of the Sunnie BunnieZZ

Easter Beadie Patterns (to print)


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