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Welcome to my pages of printable links. I created these pages with WEBTV users in mind.It has been alot harder than I anticipated. Well, not so much hard as time consuming. UPDATE! I have a new newsletter! Asraet's Prints-N-Crafts I just don't have the time to update these pages. When I created this website I was a Stay-at-Home Mom. Now I work full time as a Department Manager at a Craft store. I've atempted to update in the past. I found new links, but never got around to posting them (sharing my computer with my 5 year old daughter doesn't help either). Subscribe today to Prints-N-Crafts

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Now its time to check your ink, fill your paper tray, and PRINT!

May 21, 2001

Valentine's Day Easter Kid's Page
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Christmas Printables
Other Holidays
My Creations
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Printing Tips
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Printing Tip: You can use an image extracter to make printing easier and to save ink. What's an image extracter? It's very easy. Just enter the URL of the page containing the image(s) you want in the box provided at the bottom of each page, and hit Submit. This will take you to FileDex and you will get the URL of the individual images. Now you can get the image on a page by itself. Hope this helps.

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