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Heart Mobile
Silly Valentine Glasses
3D Heart
Heart Elephant
Heart Cone
Heart Book Pendant
Heart Mouse
Heart Dove
Love Bird Craft
Hanging Hearts
Valentine's Day Placemat
Valentine's Day Placemat to color
Dangly-Legged Man
Mosaic Heart Cards Craft
Valentine's with Heart Shaped Envelope Craft
Back Pack Hearts
Cute and easy craft
Paper Bouquet of Hearts and Flowers
Making Friends Paper Dolls
Paperdolls for every occasion (click on select a theme). Or try a project your paper dolls. Try printing some on magnetic sheets.

Coloring Pages, Word search, Mazes, etc.

Valentines to Color
Cupid's Coloring Book
I Love You Card to Color
Happy Valentine's Day Card to Color
Valentine's Day Word Search (easy)
Another Word Search (hard)
Valentine's Day Cards to Color


Love Coupons
Valentine Coupons
Different coupons for husband, kids, etc.

*** Lots of Valentine Cards to color in Coloring page Section***

Beadie Patterns (to print)

Valentine Arrow with Heart
Heart 2
Heart 3
Valentine Keychain
Hugs and Kisses
I Love You

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