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Coloring Pages

Kiki's Delivery Service - Fun Stuff
Coloring sheet, maze, crossword, counting activity
Hercules Coloring Pages
6 to choose from
Hercules and Megara Paper Dolls
Paper dolls and outfits to color

Activity Pages, Puzzles, etc.

Babe - Pig in the City Activity Pages
12 activity pages
Funorama - Mazes
2 to choose from
Nature's Children Connect-the-Dots
4 different puzzles with clues
Battleship Game
Grid and instructions to play this game
Brain Binders
Origami-like Puzzles
John's Word Search Puzzles
Large Collection of these puzzles
Planet Pals Card Game
Use to play a game of "Fish" or a memory game
Secret Squares Game
Print game sheet with instructions
Super Bowl I-Spy Game
Fun Game to entertain kids during any football game
Recycle Kits from Planet Pals
3 printouts that will have your family excited about recycling.
Rugrats Playhouse Printouts
Activity pages, stationary, masks, doornob hangers, and more. Lots to choose from.
Fisher-Price Activity Pages
4 fun pages to print

Misc. - Paper Models, Crafts, etc.

AC Moore - Arts, Crafts, and Florals
Click on Projecs. Kids section has lots of great crafts with patterns.
Puppets, Scenery, and Props
Print out puppets, scenery, and props. Color, then act out the plays provided.
Dump Truck Model
Make your very own 3-D truck
T. Rex
Build this dinosaur
Dinosaur Diorama
Make this Dinosaur scene with a shoebox and the pictures provided
Air Owliver
Use a balloon and the patterns to make this cute owl
Duck Place Markers
Print pattern, color, and use as a bookmarker
Whale Mobile
4 different whale pictures to color and use for this mobile
Pioneer 10 Paper Model
Kind of difficult, but looks great when completed

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